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About us

Since the St. Davids Cross Hotel was bought by BG Betterspoons Ltd. in 2014 we have strived to achieve up to date renovations by stripping the bar back to its original features with stone walls and brick fireplaces situated at either end of the bar lounge. In the winter of 2015 we started the undertaking of renovations in the 16 rooms we have onsite; the first step was to bring the rooms back into the 21st Century and ensure that our residents have a comfortable and enjoyable stay. We feel we have managed to achieve this through the new 32inch & 36inch TV's in the rooms, reliable Wi-Fi, new room accessories, informative room folders and general upgrades to the furniture.

As of the 3rd November 2016 we closed for 4 months to continue the ongoing renovations of the rooms; with the possibility of 5 rooms having new ensuite bathrooms - along with new carpets situated throughout the rest of the hotel including the restaurant area. We re-opened again for another succesful year during 2017/18 and we are all looking forward to seeing you all during the 2018/19 season.

Along with the St. Davids Cross Hotel, BG Betterspoons Ltd. also owns The Bishops, The Farmers Arms, and The Sloop Inn which is located in Porthgain. Each of these establishments serve a variety of local food and dishes which are served all year round. 

You can book a table with us or any of the establishments online or via phone.

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